Honey Isn't So Sweet

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Description: Honey and her husband are a hard working couple running their own business out of a small office. Actually, it would be more accurate to say that Honey is a hard working woman, because hubby is more interested in hanging out with his boys and watching sports (or so he claims) than he is in working, or in taking care of Honey and her very pressing needs and desires. When their employee - their tall, handsome and very very dark employee - walks into the office and has to deal with Honey after the latest irritating conversation with hubby he quickly realizes that he's in the right place at the exact right time. Honey is interested in getting vengeance on her disinterested hubby and our employee is interested in having Honey suck on his thick black shaft. Their two interests dovetail nicely and they soon work out a way to satisfy their mutual desires. Hubby knows he's in trouble and calls back to try to make things right, and Honey is in the mood to talk much more sweetly (if a little muffled) to him now that she finally got that cock she so desperately needed.
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