All in the Family

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Description: ok... so normally BBW's aren't our thing, but you know what? They do exist, they do have sex and we need to document the human condition in all it's many and varied forms. Also, when you have a MOTHER and DAUGHTER who are willing to suck a cock together, you just don't say no. So in this episode, we have sexy Lexy and her mom Tory. Tory raised Lexy to be a slut and always comes through for her when she needs to tell a little white lie, or a big huge lie, to her loving hubby. Every now and again Lexi is nice enough to let mom get a little piece of the action so she decides that she will share this nice big dick with her to keep mom on the team, so to speak. Some wives use mom for babysitting. Some wives use mom to help them cheat on their husbands and share the wicked joy of cuckolding their man. A lot of men don't particularly like their mother in laws, but they're not sure exactly why. They just don't trust them. Now you know. Don't trust your woman, and don't think you're safe just because they're hanging out with mom!
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