The Hunk Next Door

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Description: Twyla hears her hunky neighbor out in his workshop cursing and yelling about slamming some tool of his on some body part of his. She decides that if he's that good with tools then he must be good with computers too so she slides on over and asks him to help her and her 'little hubby' with their internet connection. Tool guy isn't all that interested in getting their computer hooked up but he IS quite interested in hooking up with this little wifey. It's never a good sign for a marriage when your wife lets some bulked up woodworker call you her 'little hubby' and Twyla is curious to find out just what's so big about this guy, so he shows her. She gets down on his dick and just as she's getting into a rhythm hubby calls up to find out what's cracking. She tells him she's getting ready to eat then just for fun reads off a whole fake menu while she's got some other guy's cock in her mouth. I don't know what hubby wants, but she's going to be ordering the 'Cream of Sum Yung Guy' entree with a semen dessert!
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