Blondes Are More Fun!

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Description: Monica's husband's best buddy is a computer tech and after a long liquid lunch he figures that he'll impose on his pal to fix his computer while he gets back to business. The pal asks Monica what the problem is with the computer and she says it has the same problem her husband does, she can't get it up and working right! Normally you wouldn't just stick your dick in your best friend's fiance's face, but Monica is hard to resist. She looks like a librarian and acts like a dirty whore and as soon as hubby is out of the area she starts working on getting that dick exactly where she wants it, in her mouth. Hubby calls back to see if the computer is fixed and this dumb slut doesn't even think about stopping what she's doing. She gives him the full report and never misses a beat while she's sucking down all the cock she swallow.
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