Don't Leave Mina Alone

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Description: Ok... here's one thing you DON'T do when you have a cute little wife and you're having a little argument while driving: kick her out of the damn car! I mean.. what do you think? She's going to WALK home? Hell no she's not. A hot woman is never without resources. She carries the most valuable and wanted item on the earth with her 24/7 right between her legs and if you think you're going to teach her a lesson, I guarantee you that it's not going to work out the way you want. Within minutes Mina finds a nice guy barbecuing out in his yard and she's comfortably in his nice air conditioned apartment in no time flat. Of course hubby realizes his mistake very quickly, and also of course Mina isn't sitting on the curb waiting for him to come back. He has to call her to try to find out where she is and beg her to come back and get in the car, and she's nice enough to answer the phone and talk to him while she's sucking her nice new friend's dick off.
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