Cyle Loves to Lie

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Description: Cyle has a nice little bubble butt that all the black thugs just looooove, and she loves that they love it because it helps to do what she actually loves MOST, which is cuckold her hapless hubby. She takes a little spanking in this one just to set the bad girl mood, then drops down and opens wide for that black cock. She calls up hubby to tell him she ran into 'Carol' and you'd think he would realize something is going on when she puts him on hold then promptly forgets about him. I think that's a bad sign right? It's one thing to play some cuckolding games, it's entirely another when your wife gets so wrapped in her cheating cocksucking duties that she forgets that you exist entirely and just leaves you hanging on the line while she's getting a mouthful of cock. Hubby hears a male voice in the background and she tells him it's just some neighborhood kids and their dad. The only kids around THIS neighborhood are the ones she's going to be swallowing when Mr. Black Cock busts his nut in her mouth!
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